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Mass Gainer Protein Powder 2.72kg Vanilla Flavor


Introducing Balsa Nutrition Mass Gainer Protein Powder Vanilla 2.72kg – your ticket to unparalleled muscle growth and strength! Say goodbye to wimpy gains and hello to a sculpted physique with our unique formula packed with high-quality ingredients and zero fillers. Our protein powder stands out from the crowd by providing pure gains without any gimmicks. The carefully crafted blend of complex carbohydrates will fuel your workouts, supporting muscle growth like never before. With a generous 2.72kg jar, you won’t run out anytime soon, making sure you have enough ammunition to hit your fitness goals head-on. Crush it at the gym and rule the world with a body that turns heads and commands respect. Balsa Nutrition is your ultimate muscle-building wingman, offering unmatched taste, top-notch quality, and incredible effectiveness. Don’t settle for ordinary; unleash your inner beast with Balsa Nutrition Mass Gainer Protein Powder Vanilla 2.72kg and witness the transformation of a lifetime.

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POWERFUL MUSCLES IN A JAR: Ever dreamt of having muscles that turn heads and make jaws drop? Prepare to be amazed by Balsa Nutrition’s Mass Gainer Protein Powder in scrumptious vanilla flavor. It’s time to pack on that superhero muscle you’ve always dreamed of and become a walking powerhouse.
PURE GAINS, NO TRICKS: We take immense pride in our formula’s purity, crafted from the finest ingredients, without any sneaky fillers. With complex carbohydrates as your trusted sidekick, you’ll have the fuel to elevate your workouts to legendary heights, yielding pure muscle gains without any fluff.
CRUSH IT AT THE GYM: Building muscles isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling like an unstoppable force. Balsa Nutrition’s Mass Gainer Protein Powder is specially designed to increase muscle mass, boost strength, and support growth, giving you the power to conquer not just the gym, but life itself.
YOUR MUSCLE-BUILDING PARTNER: Our unique formula is tailored to be your ultimate wingman on the path to a chiseled physique. Unmatched taste, top-notch quality, and incredible effectiveness – that’s what sets us apart.
At Balsa Nutrition, our motto “IGNITE YOUR INNER FIRE” fuels athletes’ dreams. We’re here to turbocharge your athletic journey, shatter limits, and achieve absolute greatness.

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50 Grams


7 Scoops (336g)


8 Servings


Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Please consult your dietician prior taking this product, This product is only intended for healthy adults over the age of 18 years. Follow label instructions and do not exceed recommended daily dose. do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.


Take seven scoops (336g) of whey protein powder to 800ml to 1000ml of water, fat free milk or add two banana for more nutrition and shake it well

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Balsa Nutrition
Item form Powder
Flavour Vanilla
Item weight 2.7 Kilograms
Unit count 2720 gram

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Mass Gainer Protein Powder 2.72kg Vanilla Flavor

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